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Bentley Show Off Luxurious Miami Apartment Tower, Bentley Residences

Bentley are the next luxury car manufacturer to set up a residential building in Miami with Bentley Residences....
Credit: Dezer Development

Bentley are the next luxury car manufacturer to set up a residential building in Miami, Bentley Residences.

Who would’ve thought that the next growing trend would be luxury apartments from luxury carmakers? Aston Martin has already done this and now it looks like Bentley are throwing their hat into the ring. Let’s check out the concept art.

So the Bentley Residences will be the tallest residential beachfront tower in the U.S. at 60 stories! 200 luxury apartments will fit nicely into that building along with all the amenities you’d expect from a building like this like a rooftop gym that looks over the city and Atlantic Ocean. Or how about a cinema and indoor driving range?

Given that this is Bentley’s tower, there is an amazing car elevator that goes right up through the centre to have access to a built-in multi-car garage.

Each home will have a private balcony, sauna, pool, and outdoor shower.

The design of the building itself is quite remarkable. It’s very modern without being an eyesore. You get a sense someone actually designed this instead of it just being a monstrous glass rectangle reaching into the sky. The building mimics the diamond pattern Bentley use on their cross stitching and aluminium grills that you might find on the Continental GT.

Check out the building on Bentley’s website.


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