Credit: GoBoat

Sydney is receiving a new fleet of GoBoat vessels for all your water-based day-drinking purposes.

It’s been a hit down in Melbourne and up in Brisbane, but GoBoat is finally here in Sydney. Despite La Nina kicking our asses right now, there will definitely still be some sunny days in the upcoming summer, which is obviously the perfect time to jump on an 18-foot boat and enjoy a few cold ones.

The boats themselves are Scandinavian in design so they look like something out an IKEA catalogue which certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world.

The boats can fit up to eight people and come complete with a table and bench seats so you can bring the charcuterie and chicken crimpies. On top of this already pretty sweet deal, you can bring your dog!

So yes, it’s BYO bubbly and doggy.

Credit: GoBoat

The electric engines are very quiet, environmentally friendly, and easy to control. They are speed limited so you don’t have to worry about everything going tits up while you’re likely plastered. Because of this, you also don’t need a boat license to drive them!

Just like when you rent a car, you will need to pay a security deposit. GoBoat will take either a small pre-authorisation on your credit card or hold $200 on your debit card (or cash). The security deposit will be returned in full as long as you bring the boat back undamaged.

You can hire a GoBoat in Sydney right now and set sail from Cabarita Point.

Prices are:

1 hour – $129, so roughly $16 per person if there are eight of you

2 hours – $199, about $25 per person

3 hours – $279, about $35 per person

4 hours – $359, about $45 per person