Credit: Phillips/Patek Philippe

The Tiffany blue Nautilus that has been taking the watchmaking world by storm has once again turned heads with a crazy auction sale.

At Phillips New York, the sale of the very first Patek Philippe Tiffany & Co. Nautilus occurred for a stupid $6.5 million USD.

This is the first version available to the market and judging by the headlines, people have been slavering over it. The estimate was in “excess of $50,000 USD” and why they thought that was high enough, we will never know. Granted, $50,000 was the retail price so I guess they had to go off something.

Bidding started at $20,000 USD before reaching the retail price, and then, it just kept going. At one point the bidding was going up $100,000 USD each bid. It wasn’t until it reached $3.5 million that it started to slow down but when the hammer dropped, it had reached $5.35 million which went to a buyer in New York.

The auction premium is what sent the final price tag up to the breathtaking $6.5 million amount. At the very least, all the proceeds are going towards the Nature Conservancy.

We have covered Nautilus’ before but not this one because what else is there to say? It’s a Nautilus, which is already a beautiful watch, with a Tiffany blue dial. Other than the colour, there is nothing more to say. Granted, it does look absolutely stunning, there can be no doubt about that. But stunning enough to warrant spending $6.5 million? Clearly, yes, it is.  

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