Credit: Mecca Bah Sydney

If Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired cuisine is what gets you going then you absolutely have to try the newest addition to King Street Wharf, Mecca Bah.

The day we went to Mecca Bah we were so lucky to have arrived on such a nice day. Given the ridiculous amount of rain Sydney has copped in November this year, this was just a delightful surprise.

That helped us notice one of the first things you see when you enter Mecca Bah – the brilliant view. No matter where you sit outside you can enjoy the weather and the location. But I guess that’s the benefit of being location on King Street Wharf. The key is being competitive and keeping up with the quality of the rest of the wharf. Thankfully, Mecca Bah do manage to reach that quality.

When Casey and I were seated we immediately sought out their signature cocktails. We both went with the Midsummer Night’s Dream because we both geeked out over the name (Surprise! We aren’t as cool as you might have thought). The cocktail features vodka, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, and mint. And it was deliciously refreshing, especially on such a nice day. Not the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever tasted but certainly delicious. 

But if cocktails aren’t your thing, then don’t worry because they have a very extensive drinks menu with a wide variety of local and imported wines and beers. Not to mention they have their signature Skulls that serve two. We didn’t try them because it was lunch after all, we needed to go back to the office!

Our starter was something I was quite excited for – lamb boureks. The lamb was parcelled in homemade dough that’s been crisped with olive oil and then stuffed with marinated lamb and roasted pine nuts. Delicious right? It got better when we saw that it was served on a bed of creamy mint yoghurt!

The lamb boureks were some of the best I’ve ever had. Yes, even better than homemade ones from my mum and grandparents. Sacrilege, I know, but it’s true!

Now the menu is quite expansive with an array of stone baked pizza, salads, seafood, and meat. There was no way we could try it all so we went with the Mecca Bah Signature Platter. This features a selection of meats from the short tender glazed beef ribs, an assortment of chargrilled garlic chicken and tsire spiced lamb skewers, Persian pilaf with Lebanese flat bread, garlic sauce, and Mediterranean bone marrow. Now when this beast arrives on your table you can’t help but be gobsmacked.

What immediately grabbed my eye was the beautiful looking beef ribs. And they tasted as good as they looked! It just melted in my mouth! The chicken and lamb skewers were great too, if not lacking when compared to the ribs. The spices on the skewers were what set them apart from your backyard BBQ skewers. I was worried that the skewers would be nothing special but I’m glad to report I was wrong. There were also these sweet potato wedges that were simply to die for and I’m not a big fan of sweet potato.

The only aspect of the platter that I didn’t find myself enjoying was the bone marrow. I’ve never really had bone marrow before except dissolved in soup, so this was an experience. What was weird was the fishy taste of what I can only assume was definitely not the bone of a fish. This is a minor complaint as it certainly didn’t ruin the entire experience for me at all.

Credit: Mecca Bah Sydney

After such a huge platter there was no way I could fit in dessert! I did take a peek at the dessert menu and it does have your standard dessert fare with some thematic additions like Baklava, Turkish delight, and orange & almond cake. What we did get for desert was Turkish coffee that was amazing! Definitely recommend grabbing Turkish coffee before the bill.

Overall, Mecca Bah was a great vibe with some great food. I’d recommend it. It didn’t wow me at all moments, but it was certainly worth the money. Not to mention that they have lunch specials that are quite generous which include a pizza, tagine, lamb salad, or king prawns for $20 with an included house wine, beer, or soft drink.


Book a table using the link below. 

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