Credit: Jordon's Seafood

Jordon’s Seafood have recently opened up on King Street Wharf and if seafood is your jam, then you simply have to try it!

When I woke up the morning I was to have lunch at Jordon’s, I was in an awful mood. For reasons personal to me coupled with a mild hangover, I was just not in the best shape. So when Casey reminded me we were invited to Jordon’s, I groaned at the thought. All I wanted that day was to order some greasy takeaway and never leave the house.

When we arrived at Jordon’s, we were greeted in the best of humours that made me feel almost guilty for my own bad mood. We were sat in a booth and our order quickly taken. Casey and I thought to try their signature charcoal-grilled sesame swordfish belly as our entrée. It came out quickly and after one bite that was it, my mood was on track to be better than ever.

The swordfish was absolutely delightful and I’m not a huge fan of fish at all! It was bursting with flavour that was complimented very nicely with the charcoal. It was served with sauteed broccolini which was also delicious – unless you’re Casey who doesn’t eat her greens when she’s told, ha ha.

During our entrée we enjoyed some delightful cocktails prepared by Jordon’s amazing mixologist, Kenny. Casey enjoyed the Pear Clove, one of the restaurant’s most popular cocktails, made with vodka, pear, cloves, and lychee juice. She described it as tastefully sweet with just a hint of tartness. I tried the Mitcher’s Cooler and it was one of the most interesting tasting cocktails I’ve ever had. Mitcher’s rye, maple syrup, chocolate bitters, and apple cider? Easily one of the warmest and cosiest flavours I’ve experienced from a cocktail, I loved it. It’s like a fireside version of an old fashioned.

But onto the main event. I ordered the squid ink seafood linguine, and do you remember what I said about my bad mood? On my very first bite I involuntarily exclaimed, “Oh my God!” Casey just looked at me and laughed. Just like that, my bad mood had evaporated. The squid ink linguine is made from a selection of fresh seafood in a white wine and prawn bisque sauce topped with caviar.

The flavour, how does one describe it? You know how sometimes when you order a seafood marinara and the only thing you can really taste is a general fishy flavour? That isn’t present here, what you do taste is the wide assortment of flavours the ocean has to offer all in one dish. No piece of calamari, octopus, or prawn steals the show, they are all working together to provide maybe one of the best linguine’s I’ve ever had!

Casey also tried the prawn linguine. This featured prawns marinated in evo, garlic, and chilli with cherry tomatoes tossed in a white wine and prawn bisque sauce. Then it’s all finished with a chargrilled king prawn and fried rocket. Casey said that it was cooked to perfection. The chilli wasn’t overpowering and added a nice kick and the prawns themselves, in her words, “I’ve personally never tasted prawns so damn good.”

In the end, we both wished our stomachs were bigger because Jordon’s Seafood portion sizes are quite generous indeed! And for the price? My god, for fine dining, this is a great deal.

Somehow, we managed to squeeze in some lemon and lime sorbet that was just the cherry on top to end a beautiful lunch. Delightfully tangy and topped with honeycomb to make it just that bit better.

You might not be able to afford coming to Jordon’s every day, but you wish you could. As it stands, take someone on a date here and you’ll have no worries as it’s a delightful location with a great view of Darling Harbour. Celebrating a birthday? No worries, there’s space enough for all both inside and out.

For great food, at a reasonable price, in a stunning location, with fantastic service, you can’t go wrong with Jordon’s Seafood. Book a table below.


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