Credit: Chanel

The backlash over the ridiculously priced Chanel advent calendar has seen the brand delete their Tik Tok.

We might have covered a $3.6 million advent calendar from CHRONEXT and while that is still a ridiculous amount to spend on an advent calendar, at least you got watches worth the retail price. Yeah, the same can’t be said for the Chanel advent calendar.

Priced at $825 USD (around $1,140 AUD), the Chanel calendar claims to have for each day either “a full-size fragrance or makeup product, miniature, or other surprise marked with Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number.”

Influencer, Elise Harmon, exposed Chanel in her unboxing video that while there was some hand cream and lipstick, most of the contents were things like stickers, fridge magnets, TEMPORARY TATTOOS(!), and other things you buy in a junk shop. But these ones have the Chanel logo printed on them.

Credit: Chanel

The video was bad enough as the only good word Harmon had to say was about the box it came in, but then Diet Prada revealed that most of the goods inside were old freebies from Chanel. Yeah, apparently most of the stuff in the calendar were things Chanel would give away for free with purchases!

Chanel haven’t commented on this, but Twitter is certainly on fire!