Credit: Zenith

Limited to just ten pieces each, the Defy Zero G Sapphire and the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon now feature Zenith’s most complicated movements.

The main focus for Zenith here was to continue their efforts at creating a movement that would negate the effects of gravity on the mechanical escapement.

Zenith are so proud of their accomplishments that they’re showing off their “contemporary architecture and finishing techniques” in a 46mm sapphire crystal case.

The case is good, but the dial is better. Especially on the Zero-G Sapphire as it’s handcrafted in a “mosaic of meteorite, aventurine glass, and grand feu enamel on a gold base.”  

The Zero-G Sapphire | Credit: Zenith

The movement in the Zero-G is the El Primero 8812 SK that was inspired by the gimbal system of marine chronometers. This where the ‘zero g’ aspect comes in. The gyroscopic “gravity control” regulating organ model actually counters the effects of gravity on timekeeping performance. It does this by using a spherical system made up of 139 itty-bitty components that were designed and optimised to ensure that everything is moving efficiently while keeping all the dimensions as small as possible.

Defy 21 Double Tourbillon | Credit: Zenith

Now the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon is a chronograph that features two independent tourbillon escapements. One of these takes care of the timekeeping abilities every 60 seconds and the other is a super-fast five-second tourbillon that spins up on-demand to regulate the 1/100th chronograph.

Both are pretty amazing looking watches. The suspended in space look that is achieved with the sapphire case is a brilliant example of the materials’ aesthetic uses. I personally prefer the Zero-G as it has that little pop of colour on the dial with a solid night sky surrounding more of the dial than the Double Tourbillon.

The 20 people that get to receive these watches will get to experience a parabolic zero-gravity flight that will take place in February 2022. This is all done in partnership with Novespace, a subsidiary of the French National Space Centre.

The Zero-G Sapphire is going for 160,000 CHF (approx. $244,666 AUD) and the Double Tourbillon is going for 180,000 CHF (approx. $275,250 AUD).

These are both available via boutiques, but you can find one near you on their website using their locator tool.