When lists appear for ‘most popular *blank*’ it’s usually quite predictable, and that isn’t too different for Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped list but there are some interesting entrants.

Spotify Wrapped is such a good little feature the brand does every year. It’s well presented and is always a bit of fun especially when it comes to your own personalised lists. Sometimes my own list has shocked me – once my top song was ‘Concerning Hobbits’ by Howard Shore. Yes, the Lord of the Rings song.

However, ignoring my own poor taste, let’s look at what the top artists and songs were globally on Spotify.

Topping the list for most streamed artist is Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny, with over 9.1 billion streams this year.

Most streamed song globally is Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’ with over 1.1 billion streams.

Now the Australian lists are fairly different barring Olivia Rodrigo’s inclusion.

The most streamed song in Australia was ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals which makes sense given its success in triple j’s Hottest 100.

Then most streamed artist in Australia was Taylor Swift who took the number two spot globally. Seems Australia doesn’t have much love for Bad Bunny.

Here are the complete lists both for Australia and globally:

Most Streamed Artists Globally

  1. Bad Bunny
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Justin Bieber

Most Streamed Songs Globally

  1. “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo
  2. “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X
  3. “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI
  4. “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo
  5. “Levitating (feat. DaBaby)” by Dua Lipa

Most Streamed Albums Globally

  1. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
  2. Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa
  3. Justice, Justin Bieber
  4. =, Ed Sheeran
  5. Planet Her, Doja Cat

Most Popular Podcasts Globally

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. Call Her Daddy
  3. Crime Junkie
  4. TED Talks Daily
  5. The Daily

Most Streamed Songs – Australia

  1. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals
  2. “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo
  3. “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI
  4. “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo
  5. “WITHOUT YOU” by The Kid LAROI

Most Streamed Songs by Australian Artists

  1. “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI
  2. “WITHOUT YOU” by The Kid LAROI
  3. “Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf
  4. “SO DONE” by The Kid LAROI
  5. “Fly Away” by Tones And I

Most Streamed Artists – Australia

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Drake
  4. Ed Sheeran
  5. The Kid LAROI

Most Streamed Australian Artists

  1. The Kid LAROI
  2. The Wiggles
  3. Hilltop Hoods
  4. AC/DC
  5. Flume

Most Streamed Albums – Australia 

  1. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
  2. =, Ed Sheeran
  4. Justice, Justin Bieber
  5. Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa

Most Streamed Podcasts – Australia

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. ABC News Briefing
  3. Casefile True Crime
  4. Hamish & Andy
  5. The Update