The Betoota Advocate have confirmed that their show won’t be a sketch comedy, but something a little different.

The Betoota Advocate have apparently been copping plenty of offers from producers to make a sketch comedy show but the Advocate refused them all. However, they decided that they would get into bed with Warner Bros. who are allowing ‘Australia’s oldest newspaper’ to do the show their way.

What is their way? In an interview with The Guardian, Antony Stockdale, director of Diamantina Media (the digital media company behind Betoota), said that they wouldn’t do the same kind of content as one of their competitors, The Chaser.

“I don’t think we’re in the same box as people like the Chaser,” said Stockdale, “we wanted to do something different. We don’t do stunts. We don’t try and gotcha people.”

That’s why Warner Bros. was such an attractive prospect for the Betoota Advocate as they didn’t ask for any specific formula.

“We are thrilled to be working with an organisation as successful and experienced as Warner Bros. WB are the ideal partner to guide us and ensure the voice and tone beloved by fans of The Betoota Advocate translates to TV,” said Stockdale.

So if it’s not a sketch show, what is it? It’s kind of vague but here is what Stockdale said,

“We think there’s some great stories to be told about Australia in particular: iconic moments in Australian history and how they all played out, or probably played out. It’s Betoota, so it’s not going to be exactly how it played out. There’s great stories like (Christopher) Skase and (Alan) Bond and really sort of iconic things like that, and just sort of revisiting some of these iconic Australian moments. And it’s also just what is Australia. What ties us together what sets us apart? We are 25 million people, 120 religions, 1800 towns and one Big Banana.”

It seems like the show will be something along the lines of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight or The Daily Show. But maybe these are all a little too close to panel shows? Who knows?