Credit: Roger Dubuis

By using Roger Dubuis’ star emblem as a starting point, Dr. Woo was allowed to ‘unleash his creativity’ with the Excalibur Dr. Woo MT.

Housed in a 42mm case of Roger Dubuis’ trademark, tarnish-resistant 18k EON GOLD alloy, Dr. Woo has been allowed to really put his own style into the design.  

When compared to the standard Excalibur, the Excalibur Dr. Woo MT has a lot more going on the dial. Mainly the etched sapphire dial and back display that showcases a cosmic map depicted in a similar style to nautical maps – but in space!

Space isn’t the only thing that the inspired the design as ‘geometric codes’ play a prominent part. The cosmic map is made from various triangles and circles that intersect and flow like you would imagine a map of space would given that the planets are always in motion.

The design somehow looks like a tattoo on a watch, which is bizarre when you think about it. How do you even make something look like a tattoo and not an etching or engraving? Roger Dubuis actually just did both. They used a ‘metalized’ gold star that was etched onto the sapphire crystal above the dial, and then they laser-engraved the ultra-fine lines onto a PVD plate. It doesn’t explain much, but whatever they did, they did manage to get it to look like a tattoo. Maybe it is just the design and not the method?

As a neat little added easter egg, you can find Dr. Woo’s spider symbol in eight different places on the watch, so happy hunting!

The Excalibur Dr. Woo MT features the RD512 calibre that has a power reserve of 72 hours thanks to the tourbillon carriages made from titanium.

On the caseback you can also see an engraved ‘time traveller’ pattern.

Now is this a watch I’d imagine a metalhead would absolutely love if they were into luxury watches. Not to say that there are many of them, but it kind of fits, right? The almost all black with gold to accent it. Not quite goth but the star design is reminiscent of a pentagram.

No, you know what? It isn’t for a rich metalhead. It’s for the rich sci-fi nerd. All the cosmic maps and the tattoo like design? That’s it. Regardless, it isn’t my favourite watch of all time but it is at least interesting in its design, in particular Dr. Woo’s contributions.

The eight pieces are going for $158,000 AUD and only one is still available in Roger Dubuis’ Singapore boutique.

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