Courtesy of Fratelli Fresh

Fratelli Fresh has been one of Sydney’s favourite Italian restaurant chains for a few years and their new location in The Rocks lives up to their high standards.

One of the benefits of setting up shop in The Rocks is the easy access to fresh seafood. Fratelli Fresh are definitely using that to their advantage as they are able to get Sydney rock oysters delivered fresh, daily.

As Italians tend to love sharing and getting together over food, so does Fratelli Fresh. Their menu was designed to be shared to reflect this love and passion. So, naturally, they put out some oysters to share!

The oysters aren’t typical as they are topped with an Aperol granita that is similar in texture to a slushie. This provides a unique flavour and texture to the oyster by freezing the oyster underneath to make it less chewy but far smoother and flavourful. It was my first-time trying oysters and I must say that I became a fan, so absolutely go for this if you’ve never happened to try an oyster.

Next up was the tuna tartare that was incredibly flavoursome, smooth, and paired perfectly with the baby fennel and lime. Crunchy flatbread also provided the perfect complement to the creamy sauce.

The burrata was served with the creamiest buffalo cheese you’ve ever tasted! Having never been one for asparagus, this certainly changed my mind, especially with the tangy addition of roasted cherry tomatoes.

Now while the grilled asparagus was good, the crab taglioni was to absolutely die for! Unbelievably smooth flavour and beautiful blue swimmer crab. Again, being in The Rocks is allowing for fantastic seafood ingredients.

Desert they passed us a brilliant tiramisu that was simply divine. The silkiest and creamiest of fillings with just the right amount of coffee.

But my personal favourite was the key lime pie. A zesty filling with the perfect crumbling pastry meant it was the best key lime pie I’ve ever had!

Now let’s talk about the new venue. It’s a very well-designed venue that effectively incorporates the space and used it to their advantage. For example, you have the beautiful terrace outside that provides a stunning view of the city with just the slightest hint of the Opera House popping out. It’s a great summertime rooftop bar.

It’s all very open as inside features split levels that can provide a little more privacy or very big open windows, whichever you feel.

The overall design has a modernised art deco vibe to it and it’s very welcome. The timber detailing with the red plush of chairs looks very deluxe indeed.

Lockdown is over, the prices aren’t completely exuberant, so go try out Fratelli Fresh at their newest location at Grosvenor Place, The Rocks!

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