Credit: Gucci x Balenciaga

Gucci and Balenciaga’s “Hacking Project” is probably the most iconic collaboration of the decade and it’s no question as to why.

The collaboration between these two Italian Luxury Houses is one for the history books. I mean it’s literally Gucci and Balenciaga! What more could you honestly want! The two houses both have incredibly strong foundations in the history and journey of the fashion industry. The iconic labels, logos, designs, cuts and colours that they’ve incorporated throughout the years is amazing, they’re incredible on their own. But then you put them together and it’s almost like a brand-new Italian Luxury Label has been born.


I feel giddy just thinking about this collaboration. It’s almost like Gucci has “Hacked” Balenciaga and redesigned both iconic logos in a whole new way.

My favourite piece from this collaboration is the Gucci baseball hat with the re-worked version of the GG (Gucci’s iconic logo) into a double BB. It’s such a slight change but it gives the entire hat a totally new look and feel.

Of course, being Gucci, you can’t not have your accessories and jewellery included in your collaborations which brings me to the Balenciaga Script Choker. This stunning necklace showcases a metal chain with palladium finish. The gold-toned Balenciaga crystal charms are my favourite touch, I love the double GG logo to replace the ‘G’ in Balenciaga. Stunning. The matching bracelet would pair perfectly together.

With so many collaborations from major designers and brands, it’s getting incredibly hard to make a “reasonable” Christmas list that won’t send my partner broke. But nonetheless, it’s still hard to pick my absolute favourite when there’s so many to choose from.

Lucky for you though, this collection is available right now!

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