Credit: J. Press x Todd Snyder

Press was founded on Yale University’s campus, and Todd Snyder specialises in collegiate styles. What happens when you put them together?

You get an amazing collection full modern takes on classic styles!

The Retake Ivy Collection feels like an Old Money meets streetwear statement. These 48 items are completely washed in big bold colours, like olive and tangerine, that appear on a whole range of fabrics.

Todd Snyder said in an interview, “As I think about each season, I always start with some sort of historical reference and classic Americana was something that came to mind for this season.”

That’s how this collaboration came to be. J. Press have stated that the collab was Snyder’s idea. Snyder loved the classic Americana style that J. Press authentically have been putting out, so a collaboration between the two just made sense. It gives Snyder inspiration as a designer, and it brings the Todd Snyder brand to the attention of a new clientele.

“It’s a great way to do marketing, an affordable way,” said Snyder. “People love authenticity, they love that real story.”

This goes both ways too as Senior Vice President of J. Press, Robert Squillaro said, they’d “like to get the brand of J. Press and the look of J. Press out to a wider audience. A new audience that maybe shops with Todd and is unaware of what J. Press has to offer.”

Both brands are simply trying to expand their audience, with J. Press specifically going for a younger audience that might be unfamiliar with what J. Press have to offer.

When explaining the creative process Snyder said, “J. Press has always been a little under the radar. So, we were excited to partner with them and take some of their classics and five them a little attitude. We also have taken some of our more modern pieces like our chore coat then J. Press-ified them by designing them in Harris Tweed.”

The Retake Ivy Collection will release on November 19 exclusively on Todd Snyder’s website and Todd Snyder’s Madison Park flagship location.  

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