It’s popular in Scandinavia and it’s always been a little too warm to do it here in Australia, but now Melbourne and Sydney will be hosting Go-Karting On Ice.  

Go-Karting On Ice has already hit Melbourne and will stay there until January 9, 2022. That means you get to slide and drift around on the ice at O’Brien Icehouse on Pearl River Roads, Docklands. The event will come to Sydney on February 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022.

Visitors are provided a team of experts to provide tips and tricks to navigate the slippery course. There will also be a few “fun and challenging obstacles” provided.

If you’re confused as to what Go-Karting on Ice is, don’t be, because it’s exactly what you think it is. Get a go-kart. Put it on ice. Add studded tires. Bit of extra power in the engine and you’ve got go-karting on ice.

Drivers will apparently “race to see who can rack up the most laps within the time limit, as well as competing for the fastest lap time.”

There aren’t just on-track activities available either, there’s bunch of off-track fun to be had too. These include a winter-themed bar, ice curling, hockey puck shooting, and ice luges.

Tickets are already available and there are limited spaces. The starting price is $55 for a 12-minute ride around the rink.

There are a few conditions of entry which include:

  • Any children must be 8+
  • Maximum weight is 225 pounds / 102.05kg
  • Tickets aren’t refundable

Check out tickets below on Explore Hidden’s website.