Sustainability in fashion is the direction the world is moving nowadays, and some fashion houses are struggling to keep up with the times. Moncler, however, have become pioneers for sustainable designer fashion.

For the third year year in a row, Moncler have been announced as one of the world’s most sustainable brands and in this day and age, it’s probably one of the biggest announcements that any brand can make.

Sustainable Fashion is something that has really spiked in popularity over the last two years, and some are speculating that lockdown had a lot to do with it. Many people started educating themselves and becoming aware of where their clothes come from and how their production affects the environment. While that’s not a bad thing at all, it has forced some major brands to re-evaluate and redesign some aspects of their company.

For example, Victoria Beckham started donating her unused materials to smaller designers in order to give them a little boost. Timberland X Tommy Hilfiger collaborated together and created a capsule that’s versatile and meant to last the years of wear. The people have asked! And some brands are actually listening! It’s incredible.

Back to Moncler, however. The Italian luxury label has obtained the highest score out of the entire textiles, apparel and luxury goods industry. Not bad for a brand that prides itself on sustainability.

Moncler have openly said that they’re very proud of their brand but also conscious of the impact it has on the community and the world. They strive to be more aware of how their growth must also be sustainable which is such a beautiful statement from such a luxury house. To have a brand so aware that they judge the value of their results by how they achieve them, it truly sets them apart from so many major Fashion Houses.

But what do Moncler actually do to ensure that they achieve their sustainability goals? The brand’s Sustainability Plan includes “environmental impact reduction targets such as achieving carbon neutrality, recycling fabric scraps, making widespread use of sustainable nylon, and eliminating single-use plastics.”

In addition, Moncler have begun to “recycle certified down following its DIST Protocol, using an innovative mechanical process that uses about 70% less water than traditional down recycling.”

There is a large focus on “the traceability of raw materials and the continuous improvement of social and environmental standards along the supply chain by working closely with its manufacturing partners.”

For three years they’ve strived to be more conscious, more aware and more sustainable in the long-term and its no question as to whether they deserve this title or not. They’ve earned it.