Credit: Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. have always had some of the most fun you can have with watches and now their showing their love of film the with Opera Scarface Rose Gold.

Now you might be thinking that this is just like any other movie tie-in watch but you would be sorely mistaken. Jacob & Co. are not so lazy as to slap Tony Montana’s face on a watch dial and call it a day, no, no, no. This baby is actually a music box as well!

There is a Swiss music box in the watch and it plays the “Bolivia” theme from the film. All you have to do is press the pusher at 10 o’clock and the 120-note music box starts up. The entire dial rotates 120 degrees when you do this, but it will not affect the time display which is always in the correct position thanks to Jacob & Co’s patented differential system.

To add to the music box theme, you’ll find an 18K gold, black-lacquered piano whose keys actually move when the music starts playing! The music can be played three times before you have to wind the watch again.

Credit: Jacob & Co.

Now that music box alone makes this something special, but they’ve managed to pack a bunch of references to the film on here. And not all of them are super in your face and obvious.

The most obvious is the Scarface plaque made of 18K gold that depicts the film’s famous poster. But, with a touch more subtlety, you’ll find “The World is Yours” globe taken straight from Tony’s mansion in the film. This is 18K globe has been hand-engraved and hand-painted.

The 49mm case is made from either 18K rose gold or black DLC titanium but that isn’t the most interesting part. The front crystal that Jacob & Co. have really made their own is domed so that you can see everything in the construction and every little detail of the complications. Even the sides have blocks of sapphire crystal too get a good look at everything including the JCFM04 calibre.

The crank is in the shape of a violin instead of the traditional crown. This charges both the power reserve and the music box. A nice little addition that really adds to the music box theme.

The Opera Scarface does feature Jacob & Co’s signature triple-axis tourbillon movement. It’s comprised of 658 individual parts.

Credit: Jacob & Co

This watch is absolutely nuts like all things Jacob & Co. do! It manages to not just take the iconography of Scarface but also build on a theme separate to it, namely the music box aspect. The details are not all related to Scarface and that makes the watch’s design stronger – it doesn’t require any knowledge of Scarface the film to appreciate it. Fantastic design and fantastic execution.

Both versions, the 18k rose gold and black DLC titanium, are limited to 88 pieces.

The black retails for $330,000 USD (approx. $449,000 AUD) and the rose gold for $360,000 USD (approx. $490,000 AUD).

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