What a nail-biting weekend we got at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. Lewis Hamilton had one of the most exhilarating weekends of the entire season, maybe even of his entire career!


It was an uphill battle for Lewis Hamilton this weekend. While he pumped out a brilliant qualifying lap, it was deleted for a controversial DRS technical infringement in the Mercedes which meant he would start the sprint qualifying session from the very back.

As if to kick a man while he was down, Hamilton faced another 5-place grid penalty for an engine change. But it was during sprint qualifying we got confirmation of the amazing form that Hamilton was in when he achieved P5 from P20. Starting the race from P10, it felt that Hamilton was a man possessed.

We learnt in Brazil is why Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion. He overtook 25 cars in a weekend! He’s stated at the post-race conference that he’s never done that in his career before.

What a phenomenal drive despite such adversity. Even Hamilton detractors will have to admit that he showed some amazing skill at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas had a decent weekend too and seems to be willing to play the team game for the remainder of the season. Makes sense really. While all drivers would love to race for P1 at all times, there are some circumstances that it just really doesn’t make as much sense. This is the position Bottas is in. Why make it harder for his teammate during a championship fight when Bottas cannot even win the championship at this point in the season?

Also if we got anything from this weekend, it was this little reaction.

Red Bull

What a start from Red Bull but it just wasn’t meant to be their weekend. Not with Hamilton on a goddamn charge like that. Max Verstappen did superbly but the performance that Hamilton was getting out of his car was just something else.

The pair didn’t come together in such dramatic fashion has they have before this season but that didn’t stop at least one incident occurring on lap 48. I’m of the opinion that this was just a racing incident and agree that the FIA shouldn’t have investigated.

Red Bull will be very annoyed about the continued development of the Mercedes package and the shocking speed of the car, but they were likely expecting something like this at the closing stages in a very close championship fight. At least they have Perez right up the front and providing support for Verstappen by this point as he did struggle early on in the season.

Red Bull will respond next race, just like Mercedes did this weekend and it will be glorious.


Carlos Sainz was a great opportunist during the sprint qualifying session where he managed a P3. Unfortunately for him on race day, he got into a scuffle with Lando Norris after a poor start that severely affected his pace during the early stages of the race.

But with that minor setback, both Ferrari’s remained consistent, like they have all season, and have earned the results they want.

Here’s Carlos overtaking two Red Bulls during sprint qualifying.

Ferrari are firmly ahead of McLaren now in the constructor’s standings since McLaren haven’t really been all there since Monza. I would expect Ferrari to remain this consistent for the remainder of the season and take P3 in the constructors as has been their aim this season.


Where have McLaren been these last few races? Their performance just hasn’t been there since Monza. McLaren have been lacking the consistency that Ferrari have provided which has hurt their chances at taking P3 in the constructor’s.

Norris hampered himself as soon as the race started by driving way too aggressive. His performance has been steadily declining as the season has gone on and I’m really not sure why.

Daniel Ricciardo on the other hand has been continuing to improve but he unfortunately had to retire the race due to technical issues.

This means that Ferrari are comfortably 31.5 points ahead of McLaren.


This race finally put Alpine in a tied position with AlphaTauri after a less than ideal performance from both Gasly and Tsunoda. Alpine might have some momentum now to take P5 in the constructor’s from AlpaTauri after a fairly poor showing the previous two races.

Alpine and AlphaTauri are the last teams in the standings that have a chance of changing positions as Aston Martin are essentially racing themselves, Williams are fairly comfortably ahead of Alfa Romeo with 23 points to 11, and Haas have no points.