We all know that Kid Cudi is a trendsetter in the music scene, his outfits always stir up some sort of controversy and we love it.

His most recent outfit made a strong statement at the CFDA Awards on Wednesday, he was seen in a wedding dress. That’s right. A wedding dress. Veil and everything. Honestly, he looks pretty damn good.

This statement outfit was very similar to a young Kurt Cobain who also wore a white dress and pearls in 1992, I’m sure we all remember that iconic photo. I feel like Kid Cudi was channeling his Kurt Cobain at the time and effortlessly pulled this look off. He also did share the same Kurt Cobain photo after the event which makes me more confident that this was a tribute to him.

The dress itself was a custom outfit that was designed by West Coast fashion label ERL. It featured an ankle-length ball gown skirt that was partnered with a gloved bodice crafted entirely of lace. These words don’t do it justice though, the dress itself is immaculate.

To top off this whole ensemble, it was matched with a tuxedo jacket with ivory lapels, embellished white sneakers and lace socks and of course the veil draping over his face.

To make it more like an actual wedding ceremony, Kid Cudi walked down the ‘aisle’ (red carpet) hand-in-hand with the label’s designer Eli Russell Linnetz. I think we can all agree that we love Kid Cudi breaking the gender norm and this can clearly be seen through him honouring Cobain’s own gender-bending style.

I will ALWAYS look out for Kid Cudi’s red carpet outfits, you never know what he’s going to do next and honestly, it’s pretty exciting.