Credit: Christies

Two massive diamond bracelets owned by Marie Antoinette just sold for over $11 million AUD and it makes you realise why the French wanted to remove her head.

During the period prior to the French Revolution, the disparity between rich and poor was so vast that it drove people to kill the rich. These diamond bracelets of the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, probably would have contributed to their violent vitriol.

Today, we don’t quite have the same scruples about the rich (depending on who you ask), which is why it sold for well above its estimate of $2 – $4 million USD. Both bracelets sold for $8.1 million USD.

The possession of these bracelets has been well-documented. In 1776, Marie Antoinette spent 250,000 livres on the set. Now that doesn’t sound like that much, but it was enough to piss off her mother, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. She lectured Marie on her spending habits saying, “The news from Paris tells me that you have just performed a purchase of bracelets for 250,000 livres and to that effect, you have unsettled your finances.”

96 collet-set diamonds that weigh a total of 97 grams… adjusted for inflation… that’s… carry the one… expensive.