Daniel Lee has recently announced in a very sudden statement that he will be leaving the Fashion House Bogetta Veneta.

We still don’t know why Daniel Lee is leaving but we’re all going to miss the energetic and fun collections he designed for Bogetta Veneta.

If you’re unfamiliar with Daniel Lee and his work for Bogetta Veneta, then I gotta say I’m a little disappointed. You would have definitely seen his quilted purses and handbags in the bold forest green or even the iconic Pyramid Purse which features the quilted pattern we all know and love. Let’s not forget the Bogetta Veneta Tire Boots that have been a massive hit both last year and this year.

So now that you’re familiar with his work, please share my sorrow with me. I have no doubt that Bogetta Veneta will find another designer to take charge and continue the momentum that Daniel Lee created in just over three years at the fashion house but nonetheless it’s a loss for the fashion industry.

Daniel Lee really took Bogetta Veneta to the next level so whoever is set to replace him, will have some pretty big shoes to fill. Lee redesigned Bogetta Veneta in a way that everyone was not ready for. He deleted Bogetta Veneta’s instagram page and restarted it and started taking the shoes international to places like London, Berlin and even Detroit.

He was tasked with bringing a new energy to the brand while maintaining the brands legacy (code for attracting young buyers while hanging on to the old ones) and did anyone expect him to take it to the level he did? No! Are we worried that this momentum will fade away with his departure? Maybe, I don’t actually know. All I know is that Bogetta Veneta are going to come back from this. 

With who? That’s yet to be announced but we’re all excited and a little worried.