Credit: Tiffany/Supreme

Supreme have teased us with serval collaborations for their Fall collection and their most recent one with Tiffany & Co. is the cherry on top. 

Supreme x Tiffany was teased earlier last week with the classic Tiffany Heart shaped pendant, and just this piece alone lets you observe how Supreme have left their touch on such a recognisable brand.

Both brands have gone back to their 1960’s roots in the named collection ‘Return to Tiffany’, they’ve used their classic statement pieces and logos and revealed a redesigned Heart Tag Pendant, Oval Tag Pearl Necklace, Star Bracelet, Heart Tag Stud Earrings, Heart Knife Key Ring, Oval Tag Keyring and a Supreme Logo T-shirt that features the Tiffany Blue box instead of the classic red.

My favourite piece from this collection is the Heart Knife Key Ring and the Supreme T-shirt, I love how classic they look but with a streetwear touch. The Supreme box on the key ring just really adds the touch you want, it’s Tiffany but Tiffany with streetwear/grunge look about it.

The T-shirt alone is something I need to have in my wardrobe this summer!

These brands have really honed in on their core foundations as a brand; Supreme for its streetwear style and appeal with younger generations, and Tiffany & Co. the classic blue box that everyone knows and loves.

You can’t compare the excitement you get from being gifted a ‘little blue box’, not to mention the purity of the ‘925’ silver alloy. They’ve stuck to what they’re well-known for and it’s reflected in this collaboration.

Catch me wearing my Supreme X Tiffany & Co. t-shirt and Heart Knife Keyring this summer.

The collection will see be released via their website on November 11th, 11am EDT in the USA and November 13th, 11am in Japan.

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