If Southeast Asian food turns you on, then Chin Chin in Surry Hills is absolutely for you. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, you’re going to have a good time at Chin Chin.

When I first rocked up to Chin Chin I was shocked. Well, maybe not shocked, but surprised. The entrance doesn’t look like a restaurant at all, it looks more like a nightclub. And once you’re inside the similarities don’t stop.

I went in for lunch but having seen the interior, I started wishing I came for dinner. There’s neon everywhere and it’s kind of dark and moody – it honestly feels like if Chinese Laundry sold fantastic food. There was still a great vibe in the place, but it felt like it hit peak vibes in the evening.  

But enough of vibes, let’s talk about the food

We started off our lunch with kingfish sashimi and duck pancakes. The sashimi was amazing. It was dressed in lime, chili, coconut, and Thai basil which was simple yet very effective.

The duck pancakes were also simple yet fantastic. I might have personally preferred if the duck wasn’t crispy but regardless of that, they were great.

The absolute star of the show though was the rotisserie pork belly with pineapple hot sauce. The sauce alone was the highlight of the whole lunch! But the pork also just fell apart in your mouth all without the crackling becoming chewy – crispy as it should be.

The pad see ew with braised wagyu beef was so tender. They got this traditional Thai dish down pat. Simple street food that’s been elevated.

The BBQ Pork? My god was that good. Spicy yet not enough to distract from the flavour of the pork.

For dessert we grabbed a double choc brownie, and it came covered in honeycomb. *drools* it was so good! A scoop of ice cream on top really was the cherry on top.

All the food we ordered was good, so at the end of the day, if all you’re going for is food, you’ll have a good time. But Chin Chin offers a little more.

I want to make mention of the music. It was so great and enjoyable. 80’s throwbacks but with none of the obvious choices. More Joy Division, less Bon Jovi. Props to the DJ.

To really get into the music, you need to chill with a drink. I grabbed one of their signature old fashions, the Fool’s Gold Fashioned. It featured vanilla and passionfruit to provide an absolutely delectable sweetness that complimented the bourbon very well.

My friend tried the Blondie Old Fashioned with Herradrura Reposado Tequila with Amaretto and apricot-infused agave and orange bitters. This one was a little sweeter than the Fool’s Gold but still a great drink.

The only downside of Chin Chin? It is pricey but it’s not like it ever pretends that it isn’t. But it is something that you should know before deciding to go.  

If you’re celebrating someone’s promotion at work, or something like that, then Chin Chin Sydney is absolutely a place I’d recommend.