Credit: Tommy Hilfiger x Timberland

These two classic American brands are working together and have shown us a highlights reel of 90’s workwear. 17 hybrid pieces use each brand’s colours and styles to dramatic effect.

You know, this collaboration should have been obvious in hindsight but for whatever reason, I didn’t see it coming. These brands are both giants in American fashion and they’ve both been around for a while. So what have they given us?

A lot of it looks like it was influenced by early 90’s hip-hop culture, which makes sense given that each brand was catapulted in popularity by this culture.

So this means the collection has big varsity jackets, cargo pants, oversized hoodies and classic duffle bags.  

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger x Timberland

The spiciest new drop is the reworked classic Timberland 6-inch boot. These will no doubt be popular as functional aesthetics have been something sought after by consumers for a few years now. But how do they look? They’re… good? I’m honestly not sure what to make of them. They don’t look bad but it might be jarring at first for people.

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger x Timberland

My favourite part of the collection is the classic cargo pants. The tonal brown with the Timberland x Tommy logo up the side? Gorgeous. It’s a staple piece everyone should one. You could also get the zip-off variant so you can still wear them in summer. Functionality is key after all. Who would’ve guessed zip-off pants were back in style?

The classic varsity jacket is something that you can’t really go wrong with. I love that it’s reversible to suite your own style and can be easily tailored to fit different looks.

The whole collection is so versatile and that is what I LOVE.  It’s all been made to last the years and it’s been styled in a way that the trend will never really end. I’m a big believer that 90s fashion always makes a comeback.

These brands have withstood the test of time and have really only solidified their position since their inception. To have a collection from both iconic brands helps to really highlight both their quality, design, and versatility and it’s not something were likely to see again for a while. At least not from these two brands.

Check out the full collection at both Tommy’s website and Timberland’s.

Another big collaboration that just came out was Fendi and SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s brand. It’s actually quite good.