Credit: De Bethune

Producer, Swizz Beatz dared De Bethune to take their Dream Watch 5 even further. No small task given the high amount of experimentation already present in the Dream series, but they have risen to the challenge and given us the Dream Watch 5 Tourbillion ‘Season 1.’

The Dream Watch 5 is easily one of the most interesting and daring watches to come out for a while now. Looking at it, you might think it was a version of those Batman Begins Utility Watches that we covered. While those were fun, they were just a novelty, not really something to take that seriously. That isn’t the case here.

They’ve built this watch on the themes “light and transparency.” This is made very clear as the deltoid case is more open than it has ever been. It’s been opened up on the front and back with eight sapphire pieces to reveal more of the movement than ever before.

Credit: De Bethune

And what a movement it is. The in-house DB2149 calibre uses 395 components. A high-speed tourbillon is available now and it has an escapement that rotates once every 30 seconds at a frequency of 36,000vph (twice as fast as a regular tourbillon). The self-regulating twin barrel system ensures consistency and 60 hours of autonomy.

The case itself is made from grade 5 titanium and it has been completely blued which is incredibly difficult to do. The blue is said by De Bethune to evoke “the notion of fullness” that you get from the sky, sea, and space.

This is the epitome of a watch that isn’t for everyone, but you can’t deny the stunning experimentation here. Yeah, it is a weird shape, but it is executed in such a confident and stunning way that it works. Would you wear this to the office? I mean you could, but you might get the odd side-eye look from it. This is a watch for those who love experimentation and out-of-the-box design. It isn’t supposed to be versatile; it’s meant to be what it is. A funky, artsy watch with an incredible amount of time and effort poured into it.

Only 10 of these will be made and they are priced at $520,000 USD (approx. $689,550 AUD).

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