Credit: Matt Ellis

Matt Ellis claims that he has set a new world record for the longest bar crawl after he visited 51 pubs in just nine hours!

While it seems like Matt Ellis is an indestructible drinking machine like Lemmy Kilmister, he didn’t actually drink 51 pints at each pub. Though he did have to drink something in each pub to be eligible.

This might disappoint some of you but, come on, 51 pints!? The man would be dead.

So, 48-year-old Ellis averaged five pubs per hour and only drank about four pints worth of beer as Ellis said he was thinking of his health.

This was all to draw attention to the issues pubs and nightclubs are facing in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of beer, he drank six litres of orange juice, diet coke, lemonade, soda water, and ginger beer.

Ellis had to drink a minimum of 125ml in over 50 pubs in order to reach the new world record. There’s nothing stating that the drinks had to be alcoholic.

“I wanted to keep it responsible,” said Ellis, “and didn’t drink too much for my health. Maybe several years ago I would have made it with 51 alcoholic drink but not now.”

His plan was simple – eat a full English breakfast to “line the stomach,” start with a half-pint of ale at the Wetherspoon in Cambridge and finish in his hometown of St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  

He didn’t eat anything as he continued his journey because where could he fit it? He drank 6.3 litres of liquid during the crawl, after all!

“I was drinking so much liquid that I couldn’t fit any food in. During the night I went to the loo six or seven times,” said Ellis.

His attempt was witnessed by several individuals who took pictures in each pub, according to Ellis. His receipts and photo evidence have all been submitted to the Guinness World Records for official certification.

If Ellis is successful, he will be the first person to achieve this feat.