Credit: Steven Meisel

Fendi and SKIMS have officially announced their latest capsule collection, and while some rolled their eyes when the collab was first hinted at, those people have certainly changed their minds.

So Kim Jones, of Fendi, and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS have collaborated to bring us this new set of absolutely brilliant shapewear. It’s certainly not as garish or as cheap as celebrity collaborations usually are. Remember Kylie Jenner’s swimsuits? Yeah, this isn’t like that.

And how could it be, really? It’s Fendi after all.

The two brands have realised that shapewear is a growing product category, and it’s one that is still morphing. Shapewear is moving from “innerwear” to something closer to loungewear and even activewear in some respects.

Alright so what even is going on here? The collection draws inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s 1979 archival Fendi collection. This where the colours, twisted tube tops, and tight sashes come from.

The set stays true to the form of SKIMS, making this a proper collaboration, taking the strengths from both brands and fusing them together.

Kim Kardashian said of the collaboration,

“Both Fendi and SKIMS have a cultural power very different from each other, but equally as strong. We share a desire to push boundaries, think differently and challenge convention which is why we found so much common ground collaborating on this collection together.”

Kim Jones shared a similar sentiment, stating that she believed that Fendi and SKIMS had a similar ethos. Jones specified and stated that his vision for Fendi are designs for “every woman, every different shape,” much like SKIMS.

The collection includes logo hosiery, sports bras, mini dresses, and bodysuits. There’s even a puffer coat and draped leather dress.

That’s not all though. They’ve included footwear and accessories. The range takes advantage of Fendi’s Peekaboo bag and F-shaped First heel designs.

The collection will drop on November 9.