Australians are known for their sense of humour, and we certainly didn’t disappoint on r/Australia when one brave user asked what the go was with drop bears? The responses were classic.

So here’s the original post. It’s a simple enough question.

Bit of humour chucked in there as the user knows that something isn’t quite right. But the good news is that everyone gave him a straight answer like u/Ollarim, who responded

Very straight forward. But another user saw to it that there was another user who thought to educate through the use of an anecdote. It went as follows,

u/Aussie-Nerd provided a very helpful link to the Australian Museum. But it was u/Accomplished_Cat_918 that took a more scientific approach with some added political spice.

This was all starting to become alarming, but u/Ballzup reassured all of us.

u/Paranthropus88 provided some helpful preventative steps one could take if they felt in danger of a drop bear. It’s deceptively simple.

Simple and effective but also don’t be mad about the drop bears because as u/can_of_spray_taint reminded us, they play a vital part in the Australian ecosystem.

How else, indeed. 

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