Credit: G-SHOCK

The pairing comes as a celebration for G-SHOCK as they celebrate their inaugural collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Adult Swim.

The watch takes G-SHOCK’s DW5600 silhouette and puts Rick and Morty images all over it. The black silicone band has neon images of the titular characters on it and the dial is made to replicate the look of the show’s iconic portals. On the caseback you will find the characters engraved.

There’s also a cool little EL backlight on the digital dial that also shows the characters faces. It’s a cool effect but it might affect legibility for some people.

Overall, this watch is pretty by the numbers when it comes to intellectual property tie-in watches. It doesn’t really have anything conceptually that screams Rick and Morty, it just puts their faces all over it. And I mean, ALL over it. The show has so many iconic images and brilliant concepts and none of that is really present on the watch except for a portal.

It also looks really childish, I know the show is a cartoon and can be childish at times, but this watch feels like something that the show itself would make fun of. Sure, kids watch the show but ultimately it really isn’t a kids show. In saying that, it’s funny that this watch reminds of something you would buy for your kid as their first toy watch.

The watch could’ve been reminiscent of a gadget seen on the show or even a watch version of Rick’s portal gun, but no, it just has their faces on it. If it didn’t have their faces on it, it would just be a very normal, run of the mill G-SHOCK.

This retails for $170 USD and is available on October 26th but if I were you, I’d do a quick google search for other Rick and Morty watches, and you’ll find much cheaper options that are at least slightly cleverer than this one.