Credit: Universal

Having now finally released in the U.S., the 25th instalment in the James Bond franchise has gone on to gross $474 million USD worldwide, putting it ahead of Godzilla vs Kong and behind F9.

No Time To Die has earned $368 million internationally and $106 million in the U.S. The film is expected to reach $500 million over the coming weekend.

This is the only studio film to hold a position in the top five as the rest are Chinese films.

In the U.K., the film is Universal’s biggest of all time, which means it beat Mamma Mia!, which held the title for 13 years.

In Hong Kong, Ukraine, Argentina, Paraguay, and Egypt, the film has become the highest grossing Bond film of all time.

The film is expected to continue its reign once it releases in China (October 29) and Australia (November 11).