A 7-foot bronze statue of the gorilla, Harambe, as appeared on Wall Street alongside the Charging Bull, which is now covered up to its knees in bananas.

The giant statue was placed in Bowling Green Park, directly across from the Charging Bull. The Bull is surrounded by some 10,000 bananas to make a point about wealth disparity. The bananas will be donated to local food banks and community fridges.

The organisers are the group Sapien.Network, an independent social networking platform “dedicated to putting the needs and welfare of human beings first.” They said that they put the statue on Wall Street to show that it has become “bananas” and completely out of touch with the needs of the average person.

Co-founders of Sapien.Network, Robert Giometti, Tejay Aluru, and Ankit Bhatia said they used the symbol of Harambe to represent millions of Americans who face continual strife in the current model of U.S. capitalism which only serves to “enrich[es] the wealthy elites and leave[s] the average person behind.”

Giometti told NBC,

“It’s not about rejecting capitalism or the current system. It's about revolving them into the current future and letting them empower more groups of people. That's the whole point of this story. Harambe is a representation of something that lets us look at more than just ourselves. What are we aspiring to as people? It's about connecting. A simple gesture of giving a banana builds community. As a society, we need to come together. We can’t keep fighting to come together.”

Harambe was controversially shot dead in 2016 when a three-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure. The gorilla wasn’t particularly aggressive to the boy and some at the time even claimed that he looked like he was protecting the boy. Regardless, the death of Harambe sparked debate and many, many memes.