Credit: MAD Paris

Custom house MAD Paris have created a bunch of new and custom Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks for our pleasure.

MAD Paris worked on these watches in collaboration with Casablanca and 1017 ALYX 9SM to create completely different versions of the same watch. They are really stunning and it’s amazing to see just how different each designer’s vision turned out.

From Casablanca was designer Charaf Tajer. He uses very bright pastel colours that give the watch a storybook-like element to it. It doesn’t even look like metal but that’s kind of what’s amazing about these watches. The design is actually stripped back and quite minimalistic with no hour markers or complications, but it looks like more than that because of all the different colours used. These are truly unique designs.

From 1017 ALYX 9SM was designer Matthew Williams. Williams went full minimalist with these designs. These watches are industrial, but they still manage to scream luxury. That likely helps due to the use of yellow and rose gold. These are 41mm expressions rather than the 39mm that Tajer worked on, and the larger dial works with the industrial aesthetic. There’s so much space on the dial that it feels like an empty factory floor, ready to fill with your hard work.

Which is better? Most will likely say Williams’ design is superior and there is merit to that but it is reminiscent of a lot of other custom watches that often go for a minimalist look. The difference here is that it isn’t just blacked out, which has become very popular for custom workshops, so much so that it is almost the default design choice. But Williams worked with the metal and created something beautiful.

Tajer, however, created something bold. So bold that it will likely put a lot of people off. I can hear the criticisms now calling it a ‘toy watch’ or a ‘cartoon watch,’ but that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. Never has a Royal Oak looked quite like this. So, in terms of originality, these take the cake. But it absolutely isn’t for everyone.

Only five pieces of each design will be available (20 in total) and they are on sale exclusive via Browns from the 14thOctober. They aren’t cheap either with the Rose Gold variant costing $235,160.