Credit: Kross Studios

Kross Studios have returned with another Star Wars collectible with their new Tie Fighter watch winder.

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan and a big watch enthusiast, then you can have this big Tie Fighter on your desktop winding your favourite automatic watches.

The piece is made from solid black anodized aluminium and the watch winder is fully integrated into it. Its dimensions are 20cm long, 28cm wide, and 17cm high. Not a small thing and it’s heavy too, coming in at 4kg. It’s all machined, hand-finished, and assembled in-house.

The watch winder is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a watch and activates the winder when detection occurs. When there isn’t a watch present, the winder goes into standby mode. You don’t have to worry about charging it either as the battery lasts for two years! When the battery does die, you can replace them.

A partner app has also been included that allows you to customise your optimal settings for your specific watch by fine tuning the direction of rotation, rotation time, and load control.

These are available now for a limited time for $2,500 USD ($3,400 AUD) on Kross Studio’s website.