Credit: Lamborghini

Way back in 1971, Lamborghini announced the Countach LP 500 at the Geneva Motor Show. It stunned people at the time, but it was unfortunately never meant to be. The car was destroyed during crash testing and eventually scrapped to make way for the Countach that we are now familiar with. But that’s no longer the case…

While at the time, the Countach LP 500 was just an “idea car” that maybe was never meant for production, Lamborghini’s specialist restoration team at Polo Storico have built a recreation for one lucky customer. This customer hasn’t been named but he has been called an “important Lamborghini customer” and it is because of this car lover that the world can enjoy a Countach LP 500.

You might think that this shouldn’t be a problem for Polo Storico, they work for Lamborghini, so surely they have all the documents and details they need to resurrect this car? Well, while they might have had access to the Lamborghini vault, but it still took 25,000 hours to complete!

Credit: Lamborghini

The team needed to find the original documents for starters, then they needed to analyse photos of the old car, then you have to add all the physical labour involved and then there you have it, a Countach LP 500.

Polo Storico had to reconstruct the entire chassis and perform sheet-metal beating for the body. So far so good. For the actual mechanical parts of the car, the team used whatever spare parts they found in the Lamborghini garage but if there wasn’t any, then the team would have to create the part from scratch.

Lamborghini explain the sheer amount of thought and attention given to the project,

“Photographs, documents, meeting reports, original drawings, and the memories of some the protagonists of the time: all this contributed to establishing the form and function of every single detail as accurately as possible. The support of Fondazione Pirelli was also fundamental in providing historical archive material to recreate the tires mounted on the original LP500 model.”

In a press release from Lamborghini, Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann said,

“The Countach reinvented high-performance cars and it became an icon in terms of stylistic language that even today, after decades, still inspires contemporary Lamborghinis. Bringing the reconstruction of the first Countach to the concept class of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, in the year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of this model, is something extraordinary because it allows us to admire the legendary 1971 LP 500 in person for the first time in so many years.”

This car is as faithful a recreation of the Lamborghini Countach LP 500 that we’re ever going to get and the sheer amount of time and attention Lamborghini have given it just goes to show that not all car manufacturers are created equal.

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