Credit: Candela

The Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Speedboat eclipses the older C-7 for one key reason – they’re intending to sell these to the mass market so us mere mortals have a chance of actually buying one.

When Candela started designing the C-8, they wanted to make something truly compelling. So their aim was to create a boat that could do things that others boats could not. The C-8 doesn’t force its way through the waves, it floats above them. And instead of increasing power by putting a bigger engine in, Candela went all in on improving efficiency through the development of a new pod motor. Because of all this, the C-8 leaves no wake behind it.

The big thing that makes this speedboat work so well is the hydrofoil system. The hydrofoils are how Candela have created such an efficient speedboat it’s how the electric motor manages to maintain such a long range at sea. The hydrofoil system reduces water friction by 80% compared to a regular planing boat which gives it its own unique feel to drive. The hydrofoil is then constantly and automatically adjusted by the on-board ‘Flight Controller’ in order to stay stable during any weather conditions.

That Flight Controller software uses a bunch of different sensors that measure the “boat’s position, speed, and acceleration in six degrees of freedom to create a precise and stable hydrofoiling experience.” Essentially this means if the weather isn’t great, the hyrdofoils will retract into the boat to provide a more standard boating experience for safety reasons. If you feel sceptical about this, don’t worry, Candela have done over 10,000 hours worth of simulations, design iterations, and sea trials to ensure the absolute best possible ride.

Let’s take a look at that pod motor. The Candela C-POD is, according to Candela themselves, the most efficient and longest-lasting boat motor ever built. The motor is completely electric and submerged to provide a completely silent ride while also eliminating any transmission losses. Candela have made a big claim about this motor – it is apparently built to last a human lifetime without maintenance! Huge if true.  

The range on the boat is roughly 50+ NM per charge when travelling at 24 knots and it only takes two hours to charge. This range is four times longer than any electric boat on the market right now.

Credit: Candela

Now the interior is also pretty nice, but that seems to just be par for the course on the C-8. The cabin is fairly spacious for a speedboat, it can sleep two adults and two children.

There are several options you can add on like roof options. You can either grab an open day cruiser option or a sheltered hardtop with a retractable sunroof. It’s even got the little things like a drinks cooler, freshwater shower, searchlights, radar etc. But by far the best add on, in my opinion, is the Premium Sound System with a subwoofer and six speakers for a concert like experience on board. The best part is your music won’t be competing with the rumbling of the engine!

The boat is available now for pre-order on their website and is selling for $339,000 and don’t stress about limited stock. Candela have stated that they are trying to sell thousands of these saying that “we think it will be the first electric boat that has the potential to outsell combustion engine boats in the premium class.”

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