It seems the star quarterback is setting himself up for retirement with a fashion label that is set to launch in December of this year.

The label will be called BRADY. A simple yet effective name. The focus of the label will be on casual wear and training clothes. Brady is serious about this too because he’s hired Jens Grede. Grede helped launch Kim Kardashian’s Skims as the brand’s CEO and co-founder. It seems she might be reprising a similar role in Brady’s brand.

On board as well is DKNY designer and cofounder of streetwear label Public School New York, Dao-Yi Chow.

Brady isn’t half-arseing this either, he doesn’t want this to be just another athleisure brand, he wants it to be the athleisure brand. Grede told The Wall Street Journal that she wants to make BRADY into the largest namesake sports brand to compete with Michael Jordan’s Jordan brand.

“We’re just focused on creating the finest sports brand in the world. That really is the ambition.”

The first drop is set to come on December 1st. Check out the BRADY website for more information.