A$AP Rocky is known for his style almost as much as he’s known for being a rapper so what can we take away from his outfits to improve our own? Let’s take a look.


A$AP Rocky loves his sneakers, particularly Air Jordan 1’s and 4’s. This is an easy start to your look because you can get Air Jordans almost anywhere. While you might not be able to get Rocky’s exclusive designer Jordans, you don’t have to. Try and take inspiration from the colours he chooses and try to find the colours that appeal to you the most.

If you do want to take more direct inspiration from Rocky, then white Air Jordans are the way to go as he has been seen wearing those often. Plus, white sneakers can go with a wide variety of pants and outfits. Blue jeans are the safe bet, but you can also make it work with black pants or really any colour pants. You could even go for an all-white look! These can also work with shorts in summer so you have options!

Funky Coats & Jackets

A$AP Rocky loves him some cool jackets. He changes it up to fit any outfit and given he is a New York native; he gets to mix and match his jackets often. While in Australia we don’t get a long jacket season, a good jacket is something every man needs in his wardrobe.

Depending on your budget, you can get quite experimental with this. Rocky has worn every kind of jacket depending on the occasion. From sharp overcoats to ridiculously oversized puffer jackets.

Coats and jackets are expensive so it’s understandable if you just want a jacket or two that go with a multitude of outfits. Your best bet then is to go for more traditional coats in colours like black or grey to ensure versatility. Once you’ve got those though and your budget allows for it, try going for a beige, tan, or cream jacket.

Colour! Embrace Colour!

Rocky loves to play with colour which ensures that his outfits are never boring. While he has done a fair few outfits with just black, white, and grey, he branches out from that to create some great and experimental outfits. You don’t even have to go full-on experimental, but you can take some inspiration here and add some pops of colour to your regular outfits. You can wear monochrome and add a splash of colour with a jacket, beanie, bum bag etc.


The real thing that A$AP Rocky is doing with all his outfits is experimenting. His style changes constantly and while that isn’t possible for everyone all the time, it’s important to keep this in mind. By doing this you are embracing Rocky’s philosophy of experimentation and self-expression through fashion. Take tips from this article but if you really want to up your fashion game, you have to start experimenting and finding what works best for you.


In other news, A$AP Rocky did indeed wear a thrifted quilt to the Met Gala and the original owners clarify a few things