Credit: Netflix

In recent years it’s been a very tight between Netflix and HBO at the Emmys, with HBO securing the most wins each year, however, this year marks the first time Netflix managed to beat them with a total of 44 awards.

If you’re scratching your head as to why that tally is so high given that there aren’t that many awards at the ceremony, it’s because this tally doesn’t just include the primetime awards ceremony but also the Creative Arts accolades that were handed out last week. Netflix’s total is tied with CBS in 1974 for the most awards in a single year. What really drove Netflix ahead was the combined might of The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit.

Netflix’s total was higher than the next two companies combined. HBO received awards under its traditional TV network and its streaming service HBO Max. Even with that combined might, HBO only claimed 19 awards, the bulk of which came from Hacks and Mare of Easttown.

Disney + was right behind HBO with 14 awards. Apple TV+ won 11 awards, seven of which went to Ted Lasso. These are impressive numbers considering both services have only been around since 2019.

HBO have always claimed the crown when it comes to quality television – it’s what their brand is built on. Netflix’s strategy of greenlighting almost anything that comes their way may have let them stumble into Emmy success, but that seems unlikely. Is the crown for quality and premium television shifting hands? Time will tell.

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