Credit: Timex

Renowned accessories designer, Judith Leiber, has teamed up with Timex to produce a rework of two of Timex’s classic pieces that are completely encrusted in Swarovski crystals.

Leiber decided that she would take on the Q Timex and Timex T80 to essentially bedazzle them with over 900 crystals. The results are… interesting.

Credit: Timex

The Q Timex x Judith Leiber (ref. TW2U72600JR) is a 38mm stainless steel watch that looks like something you would buy your 10-year-old daughter as a birthday present. The heavy overlay of crystals does not lend itself to that same ‘iced out’ vibe that watches encrusted with actual gemstones have. It looks cheap and it looks tacky and for $2,166 AUD you would rather it didn’t. Some may find this watch camp enough to go with a loud outfit or something like that but if you are looking for something refined and delicate, this isn’t it.

Credit: Timex

The Timex T80 x Judith Leiber (ref. TW2U72700JR) fares better than its partner but not by much. It suffers from much of the same issues as the Q Timex but what redeems it just a little is the rose gold toned stainless steel case and bracelet. The colour works with the gems a little more, integrating their colour more effectively than the Q Timex. It still looks like a little girls watch but it’s less in your face about it. It’s cheaper than the Q Timex at $1,805 AUD so that’s at least something.

Each watch is limited to 200 pieces each and are not currently available in Australia.  

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