Credit: Hublot

Hublot have dropped a pair of watches in order to celebrate the company’s alchemical triumph to recreate gold crystal in its lab.

Hublot have successfully been able to transmute gold into gold crystal which is the absolute rarest form of raw gold that can be found in nature. Each crystal that is formed is completely unique in form, much like a snowflake.

Gold crystal is the way gold starts out when it gets deposited in rock seams under incredible pressure. Erosion then exposes the gold and it’s that exposure to the elements that then turns the crystal into nuggets and flakes. Only very occasionally do we ever actually find gold crystal and when we do it has a very high price amongst collectors.

So how did they do it?

What Hublot have done is heat pure 24k gold to its melting point (1064.18°C). When they do this, the atoms of the gold are vapourised into a gaseous mixture before interlocking as it is cooled to allow crystals to form. It’s simple but it isn’t perfect as only 20% of the crystals they create are suitable for use.

Once they have usable crystals, Hublot apply it to the black dial and set it into place with 20 layers of transparent lacquer. They polish this lacquer to make sure that it isn’t visible at all.

Credit: Hublot

The watch itself houses the HUB1710 calibre with automatic winding beats at a frequency of 4Hz and gives the watch a 50-hour power reserve.

The case is a black ceramic Spirit of Big Bang design that is available in either 39mm or 42mm.

It’s a beautiful looking watch that really benefits from its matte-black everything design aesthetic. This allows for the gold to really pop, which is what you really want. That attention is right where you want it, on the gold crystal. A leather strap completes the look, making this a great dress watch that’s a bit out there in traditional Hublot fashion.

The 39mm version (ref. 665.CX.0660.LR) is available for $28,400 USD ($38,750 AUD) and the 42mm (ref. 643.CX.0660.LR) is $29,500 USD ($40,250 AUD). The watches are available upon enquiry.

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