The Australian Federal Government have announced plans to reopen international travel by December and Qantas are sure to be excited. Here are the places you will likely be able to visit once restrictions are further eased.

New Zealand

We had a short little travel bubble between ourselves and our Kiwi cousins earlier in the year but unfortunately, as the Delta outbreak got worse for Australia, those borders were shut almost as quickly as they were opened. Given that New Zealand’s vaccination rate is about on par with Australia’s, it stands to reason that New Zealand will be on Qantas’ list of travel destinations. It might not be on the other side of the world but it’s outside of Australia and has plenty for a tourist to do. Qantas have already begun selling pre-Christmas tickets to New Zealand with the assumption the travel bubble will resume.


Fiji isn’t doing so hot right now as it deals with one its worst outbreaks of Covid yet, but they are getting those jabs done. About 60% of the population have received their first dose and the amount of people who will be fully vaccinated is expected to shoot right up and with that, it’s likely that they will be open to travellers. Good news too because Fiji’s economy heavily relies on tourism. Flights to Fiji are expected to come online on December 19.


The US has issues with jab rates out in the country, but the major cities have very high jab rates and that’s where most of the touristy things to do are. So that’s good news, for Australian’s anyway. Qantas have already said that Los Angeles will be one of the first destinations Australians can visit come December 18.


Again, Canada has a high vaccination rate and should our restrictions ease on time, you’ll be able to visit Canada and experience their peak skiing season. You can catch a flight to Vancouver from December 18.


For a while now, Singapore has been on the table for a travel bubble with Australia in a similar style to the one we had with New Zealand. With low cases and one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Singapore is an easy choice for a visit. Flights will resume to Singapore from December 18.


Japan have struggled with the pandemic in recent months, and they may be hesitant to reopen their borders but their vaccination rate is also jumping up. It’s jumping up enough for Qantas to consider flights to the country. Flights will hopefully resume on December 19.

In other travel news, NASA have started testing their new air taxis.