Credit: Jacob & Co.

The three timepieces are part of the Twin Turbo Furious Collection which feature a completely transparent sapphire glass case and a decimal minute repeater. This combination means that it’s the very first of its kind in the luxury watchmaking market.

The case on each of the watches took approximately 15 months to design and produce. All that time and effort went into the piece just so that wearers are provided a view of the complex machinery of the Twin Turbo Furious. Each watch is powered by the JCFM05 with a 50-hour power reserve.

The thing that has everyone talking though is the crazy and exclusive complications. It’s ground-breaking, really. A decimal minute-repeater, mono-pusher chronograph, twin high-speed tourbillons, and a pit-board style reference indicator.

Credit: Jacob & Co.

The twin tourbillons power most of the watch, including the main time display and the monograph pusher. Each of the tourbillons are composed of 104 components and weight just 1.15 grams. It’s amazing what they can do.

Minute repeaters are the hardest complication for a watch company to make but, by God, Jacob & Co. wanted to see how far they could go. Most minute repeaters conform to the hours, quarter hours, and minutes standard, but the Twin Turbo doesn’t do that. Instead, it chimes on demand ten-minute intervals after the hours and before the minutes. This kind of decimal repeater, according to Jacob & Co., is very rare in high watchmaking.

The new additions come in three colours: blue (ref. TT220.80.AA.AB.A), red (ref. TT220.80.AA.AA.A), and green (ref. TT220.80.AA.AC.A). Each colour also only has a limited run of six pieces.

Each watch is typical Jacob & Co. avant-garde design that many will hopefully just be able to appreciate for the amount of care and work that went into them. They are evocative of Richard Mille’s watches and if they are something that turns you on, then these are for you. If you want something a little more traditional, well, what are you doing looking at Jacob & Co. watches?

The Twin Turbo Furious collection is available at select boutiques and via inquiry.

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