With the Schumacher documentary coming to Netflix on September 15th, 2021, we thought we’d celebrate one of the greatest drivers in Formula One by taking a look at some of his best drives and cheekiest moments in his racing career.

Winning The 1998 British Grand Prix From The Pits

At Silverstone in 1998, Schumacher was given a penalty for passing Alexander Hurz unsafely and had to take a stop and go penalty from the pits. The tricky thing though was that Schumacher took his penalty on the last lap while he was in the lead. The pit lane crosses the finish line so with enough time, Schumacher slowly crossed the finish line from the pits just before Mika Hakkinen could finish the race, giving Schumacher a controversial win.

From 16th to 1st At Spa 1995

Schumacher had stuffed up his qualifying and so he had to start the race from all the way in 16th. He managed to climb back up the grid, but the weather began to turn for the worse and rain started to fall. Instead of opting for wet weather tyres, Schumacher continued on his slicks. The result was him at the front of the pack with Damon Hill right on his tail with wet tyres. The two battled and it resulted in some fantastic defensive driving from Schumacher. Eventually, Hill did get past as the track got wetter but once it dried, the win was Schumacher’s. A great spectacle.

Equalling Senna’s Record At The 2000 Italian Grand Prix

Ferrari were facing a big challenge from McLaren in 2000. Despite Ferrari’s dominance in the 2000s, McLaren’s Mika Hakkinen was eight points ahead of Schumacher in the championship and during the previous five races of the season, Schumacher had won none of them. But now it was Ferrari’s home race and the Tifosi were watching. Right from the start, Schumacher was dominant, earning pole position and maintaining his lead the entire race. By winning this race, Schumacher had equalled Ayrton Senna record for number of career wins. It was an emotional day for Schumacher as he gave a tear-filled post-race interview. After all, winning the Italian GP in a Ferrari and equalling a great’s record must be a career high point for any driver.

The Birth Of The ‘Regenmeister’ At The 1996 Spanish GP

The ‘rain master’ was born at the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix when Schumacher gave us one of the all-time greatest wet drives. He only qualified third, but Schumacher gave it everything he had on the Sunday. It wasn’t until lap 13 that Schumacher could take the lead from Williams driver, Jacques Villeneuve, after a poor start. Once Schumacher took the lead, he never gave it back, no one could catch him. He took the victory more than 45 seconds ahead of second place, Jean Alesi. This was Schumacher’s first win with Ferrari and it wasn’t going to be the last.

Schumacher’s Final Win At The 2006 Chinese Grand Prix

It seemed that Fernando Alonso would run away with the championship at this point in the season – there were only five races left and Alonso was eight points ahead of Schumacher. But after Alonso’s less than satisfactory race at Monza, Schumacher had managed to close the gap to just two points by the time the Chinese Grand Prix rolled around. But it didn’t look good. Schumacher had only qualified in 6th and Alonso was on pole.

Once again, the rain master climbed up the grid in the wet. But Schumacher still had a bit to go. Alonso had managed to build a 25 second gap to Schumacher but the track was drying up. Alonso began to struggle and pitted putting Fisichella in the lead. When Fisichella pitted, he landed just in front of Schumacher, but the pressure was too much and Fisichella made a mistake, giving Schumacher the lead. Alonso was too far behind to catch the German and Schumacher ended up taking home his then record-breaking 91st win.

Finishing The Race Stuck In 5th Gear At The 1994 Spanish Grand Prix

It’s just an iconic moment displaying Schumacher’s ability to overcome adversity and get the best result he can. It looked good during qualifying with Schumacher on pole but his gearbox wasn’t having any of it. The car was stuck in 5th gear and Schumacher had to use all his knowledge in fuel management to reach the end. He feathered the throttle down the straights to keep the needle out of the red. He didn’t win the race, but he did finish a respectable 24 seconds from the leader, Damon Hill.

Schumacher vs Hill At The Australian Grand Prix 1994

This was a controversial crash because it seemed to a lot of people that Schumacher had driven so recklessly to deliberately ruin Damon Hill’s chance at the championship. Well, Schumacher did win the championship after this as Hill could not repair his car to finish the race. Schumacher has denied he did this on purpose despite Hill’s allegations. Cheeky bastard, isn’t Schumacher?

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