Credit: Volkner Mobil

The Performance S was first unveiled in 2019 but this latest model deserves recognition for its new and outrageously opulent luxury fittings.

Priced at €6.5 million ($10 million AUD) it may be the most expensive landyacht ever built. Why is that? Well, Volkner have built a reputation for delivering ridiculous landyachts and this one certainly takes the cake as it comes with a Bugatti Chiron in its side garage. This car alone adds $3 million to the price tag.

These are essentially bespoke RVs so clients will have to choose a base layout of 460hp Volvo or 430hp Mercedes-Benz chassis and then its customised further through the client’s choices.

Credit: Volkner Mobil

The garage that stores the Bugatti also has space two fat tyre e-bikes and a separate compartment that can fit two more bikes. The garage can double as a veranda to have a BBQ on too. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can turn the garage into a man-cave as it has air-conditioning and heating.

Another cool feature is the custom Burmester audio system built specifically for this motorhome and is priced at €300,000 ($526,000 AUD).

Credit: Vulnor Mobil

The interior is incredibly lavish and hits all the luxury living checkboxes. It has a lounge/living room up in the front, a full kitchen, a complete dry bathroom, a separate shower room that features a rain shower and starry roof, and then there’s the bedroom in the back. It’s all made up of expensive veneer and leather to make sure that it really doesn’t feel like you’re camping.

There’s also a slide-out that goes from the front to the rear that adds even more space to the motorhome.

The Performance S features a lithium battery bank, 2,000W rooftop solar panels, 8kW generator, and separate holding tanks for fresh, grey, or black water. So this thing can actually go off the grid at least a little bit.

In other car news, the Nissan Z is returning to Australia.