MMA fighter, Tyron Woodley, lost the bout via split decision (77-75, 75-77, 78-74).

At the start of the fight, Woodley seemed to be cautious, not wanting to get knocked out like Ben Askrin. So, it was Jake Paul as the aggressor with a number of quick jabs. However, this was not to last as in the fourth round Woodley landed a huge left hook that caught Paul off-guard, causing him to stagger back and be saved by the ropes. Woodley got a great boost of confidence after that, and it looked like the roles would be switched with Woodley as the aggressor.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Woodley’s confidence boost was short-lived which allowed Paul to recover. In the last two rounds, both fighters seemed exhausted as neither seemed to have the energy to be able to end the fight with a good combo. The decision was made, Paul had won the fight.

Amazingly, this means that Paul is 4-0 in boxing. This is something that many may lament, but it does show that Paul can at least survive in the ring with professional athletes and fighters.

Woodley has expressed a desire for a rematch but Paul will not consider it until Woodley gets the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo.