Credit: F1

While many fans had hoped for rain this weekend in Belgium, this was not what they had in mind. Torrential rain prevented the race going ahead giving Max Verstappen the win without having to do a single lap ahead of a safety car.

While we all wanted and wished we could have seen some racing, it was clear that the weather conditions were not going to let that happen. Visibility on the track was so poor that had the race even gone ahead, what kind of driving would we even be able to see? Everyone on the grid, excepting Verstappen, would not have even been able to perform any overtakes or really show any driving at all, not if they wanted to keep their car in one piece, that is.

Sergio Perez showed us before the race even started how treacherous the conditions were when he crashed on his way to the grid. He was out of the race and the damage on his car was quite severe. However, due to the race being suspended for three hours, Red Bull were able to fix his car and were given the go ahead by the FIA to re-enter the race from the pit lane. However, this ended up meaning little in the scheme of things.

Two laps behind the safety car were all we got to see. Because 75% of the race could not be completed, half points were given to everyone in the top ten. This closes the gap between the championship leaders Verstappen and Hamilton to just 3 points with Hamilton still in the lead. Verstappen said of the race, “It was very important to get that pole position. The conditions were tricky out there. It’s a win but it’s not how you want to win.”

For those who did well during qualifying, this was a solid result, particularly for George Russell. The Belgian Grand Prix was the Williams driver’s first podium in F1. While this is not really the way you’d like to win your first podium, it is still a podium. Russell took to social media to show off his trophy, “YES GUYS!!!!  THAT’S A PODIUM!!!! Doesn’t matter how it comes, they all count and the team deserves this so much.”

Daniel Ricciardo also managed his best result with McLaren so far achieving P4 after a shaky qualifying that saw him improve in each session after almost being eliminated in Q1. Ricciardo is a fan of the wet but even so, the weather was too much for any of the drivers.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long for the next race with the Dutch Grand Prix coming to us on September 3-5.