Credit: Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko have shown off the line-up for their upcoming U.S. exclusive collection inspired by the landscape of the Genbi Valley in Japan.

Green is very much in vogue right now in the world of watchmaking and Grand Seiko are getting in on it with three green-dialled watches. Each piece is a different shade of green “invoking the reflections of Genbi Valley’s trees and plants off the rushing waters below.”

The lightest, the SBGW273, is supposed to represent new growth. The teal SBGW275, is the waters that shaped the valley itself. The darkest green variant, the SBGW277, is the foliage of the plants found in the valley.

While the dials feature a texture that feels organic or at least rustic, the hour markers and hands are polished giving a feeling of refinement amongst nature.

Each watch features a 37.5mm stainless steel case that houses a 9S64 manually wound movement that is visible through the transparent caseback.

These are fine additions to the world of green watches and are well-realised enough to stand on their own. The shades of green are each beautiful that deciding which is best would purely come down to personal colour preferences. However, to give our opinion, we think the dark green SBGW277 and the light green SBGW273 are the highlights.

Limited to 140 pieces each, these will drop in November and are priced at $4,900 USD ($6,700 AUD). The teal SBGW275 will only be available from Grand Seiko boutiques and their online store.