Courtney Tillia

Previously it was reported that the banks were the ones to blame for OnlyFans ban on sexual content, but it seems that OnlyFans has “secured insurances necessary” to support explicit content creators.

OnlyFans tweeted on Wednesday that, “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change.”

They thanked everyone for making their voices heard which undoubtedly assisted in the decision being reversed. However, while this may be good news for content creators, not all of them are pleased that the situation even got this far in the first place.

Model and life coach Courtney Tillia, a former teacher and mum of four, says she’s been making six-figure sums on OnlyFans. Speaking to People, Tillia says she has lost her trust in the platform.

Tillia told People,

“My initial reaction was like, ‘Oh yay!’ But then you come back to this moment of, ‘Wait, you betrayed us from the beginning.’ Why is it a change now and why is the banking issue okay now?”

“I wanna know what Tim [Stokely, OnlyFans’ founder and CEO] is going to do. What happened initially was we felt like our content, our platform was taken overnight… and we were gonna lose everything. So what is he putting in place to ensure that they’re protecting sex workers and our content is protected? It’s like a relationship. You’ve done something to lose our trust, what are you gonna do?”

Tillia went further and complained about how the news was told in the first place, “They went to media [first] and then told their creators, and they did the same thing this morning. I’m not happy about it… It feels like [the reversal] is not coming from a genuine place.”

“I’m looking at leaving because I want to be part of a platform that is not just tolerant of sex workers, but lovingly accepts them and stands up for them and it feels like [OnlyFans] didn’t do that. We’re not gonna tolerate someone messing with our livelihood.”