Credit: Marvel

Marvel have put their titanic foot into the world of NFTs with five spiderman “collectibles.”

Marvel announced back in June that they would be entering the NFT market with digital comic books and digital “statues”. This Spiderman collection is part of those “statues” and there five variants of these collectibles all available via the VeVe digital marketplace.

Not all the NFTs will be created equal, however. They will range from “common” which means that they will be available to 32,000 buyers, and “secret-rare” which are animated NFTs only available to 1,000 buyers.

Credit: Marvel

This is just the first step, according to Marvel. There will be a slew of NFT release from Marvel over the course of August, so much so that VeVe have dubbed August “Marvel Month.”

In a few weeks Marvel will release a “blind box” series for Captain America that will not just feature the Captain but also Bucky Barnes and Red Skull.

The first digital comic Marvel are releasing will be five different versions of the “Marvel Comics #1”. This comic is Marvel’s very first comic book and features the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner. This will also be debuted in “blind box” fashion.

The Spiderman NFTs are available from August 7 with the common variants priced at $40 USD ($54.45 AUD) and up to $400 USD ($545 AUD) for the secret-rare variants.