Credit: Bentley

It’s one more step on Bentley’s journey towards an electric future. The new Bentley Flying Spur has the company calling it the new standard for luxury hybrid cars.

The car sacrifices absolutely nothing when it comes to the exquisite design and craftsmanship associated with Bentley. The entire interior is crafted by hand with veneers and hide colours of your choice.

The car is no slouch when it comes to performance either. The 2.9 litre twin-turbocharged petrol engine and 100kW electric motor provide 750nm of torque, 536bhp, a max speed of 177mph (285kmh), and 0-100kmh in 4.3 seconds. And it’s all silent. This would have to be one of the most comfortable drives available, Bentley themselves have likened it to flying on a private jet.

The engine is designed with efficiency and performance in mind and is effectively Bentley’s most environmentally friendly Flying Spur they’ve ever built.

It offers three drive modes. EV Drive mode will allow you to take short trips on electric power alone. Hybrid mode means the car will automatically toggle between the petrol and electric engine. Hold mode where the car focusing mostly on the petrol engine with some electric propulsion and allows for regenerative braking to recoup battery life.

Hybrid mode allows for the largest use of features. For example, the car’s navigation system can run in Predictive E-Mode. This allows the car to automatically adjust the balance between petrol and electric throughout the journey. It does this by looking at your route’s distance, speed limits, battery life, likely levels of traffic, and the number of junctions to work out which engine is best to use at what time.

Check out Bentley’s website for more information.