Credit: Casio

Both Casio watches and Pac-Man have been with us for over 40 years now and, having decided to collaborate, have given us an adorable nostalgic throwback inspired by the coin operated machines of the 80s.

The A100WEPC-1B is based on Casio’s classic F-10 digital that was originally released in 1978, which, as an added little fun fact, was the first quartz watch that featured calendar capabilities.

It features the classic four buttons of the F-10 as well as the illuminator logo. On the dial, the Pac-Man game has been reproduced, you can see all the characters zooming about on it. It looks very cute and quite authentic. Well, as authentic as a watch dial can be when replicating the game. The caseback also reflects the dial with an engraving of the game screen motif graphic and the Pac-Man logo.

Credit: Casio

The bracelet is quite interesting. It is made from metal and has a black ion-plated finish that features different character designs laser-engraved on both the upper and lower pieces of the bracelet. The upper band shows Pac-Man eating a cookie while being chased by a ghost and the lower band shows Pac-Man eating a power pellet and chasing a Turn-to-Blue ghost. Again, it’s all quite cute.

It’s all adorable and many nostalgic for the 80s will love this watch and the fact that it looks childish is kind of the point. It isn’t too expensive either, coming in at $110 USD (approx. $150 AUD). Check it out on Casio’s website.